News On The Paradiso Girls

At the moment the girls are just practicing and getting ready to record with many diffrent producers they look so good together and i cant wait to hear them and when they hold concets ill be the first to buy tickets and right now at the moment there is no new news on whats going on with the band so keep looking at this site there will be news pretty soon. “The group is fun! The best thing about The Paradiso Girls is that there is no lead singer or performer,” Chelsea recently said. “Each girl represents a certain country and each of us have something to bring to the group. If it’s how we dance, sing, personality, or whatever it is, we are all different and it is very exciting!”

No lead singer or performer? Think that’s a veiled shot at the head Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger?

Korka didn’t elaborate, but she did say fans can look forward to hearing more from The Paradiso Girls soon:

“Everyone has to keep their eyes and ears open for us. We are still working on music, but you are not going to want to miss it!”

The Paradiso Girls are just working on finishing the ablum so they will not be performing right now cause they are too busy recording they say they will be finished recording their first cd by feburary. Thats all the news for right now so keep stopping buy leave comments see ya around.