Hey Everyone 12/04/2007

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Hi Hello everyone

I hope everyone i doing well. I am not sick anymore so i am doing well just to keep everyone up to date. I am still working A LOT!!!! BUT.......I LOVE IT!!!! soooooo...... Yeah....... I quess not much is new. I will tell you though that im so exited for the holidays. I spent my first thanks giving out here in califorinia and it was nice. made lots of new friends and spent it with people that made me feel like home. now my favorite holiday of all time is comming up which is christmas. It is mainly becuse of the songs and decorations, but also love how everyone just gets into this happy-go-lucky(family guy) spirt. also its when you can see your hole family. I'm looking forward to going home to see my family and friends cause i miss them so very much.  any who once again i can never say it enough, Thank You everyone for everything. It means the world to me. Talk to you guys soon,
Smile  xoxoxxo chelsea

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