About The Girls

Age: 20 Hometown: Cooper City, FL Current Location: Cooper City, FL Occupation: Waitress / Singer / Dancer At the age of 20, Chelsea Korka became one of the nine finalists on the CW reality television series, Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll. And know she is a Paradiso Girl. And chelsea is currently in a relationship and know has a boyfriend way to go chelz.

aria  - she's 25 years old before the paradiso girl she was a dancer and a singer in a show in paris. And had a tv show were she was yoga teacher for 2 years she taught people yoga.  she wrote a book called "LE YOGA DE MA VIE". which means yoga of my life.

lauren - lauren is 18 years old she's from england in a place called kent which is just outside of london before she joined this group she sang in pubs and bars and special events around and outside of london.She did that for about 3 years. Then she auditioned for a tv show  in england with another girl as a duo called xfactor they made it to the final 12 in the groups catagory but unfortunaty just missed the live show but then she met someone  that told her about the paradiso girls audition so she went along and she is now a paradiso girl congrats lauren.

shar  -  is also a member of the paradiso girls she is 26 years old she is married and is a proud parent  of a beautiful daughter and her intrests are loves listening to various types of music and also likes hip hop and rap. her favorite music is salsa and funky music and likes her brothers band. fav movie of all time god father, dirty dancing and her fav show u think u can dance. her heroes are her mom and dad and her husband james.

kelly -  is a 26 year old female who home town is the united states. sorry dont have very much info on her she didnt talk about her personal life. But she is very pretty and very talented watch the video underneath this its really good and i cant wait for thier cd to come out going to sell millions lol